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Igreja de São Vicente

Chã - Vila-Real

This church still conserves a large part of its Romanesque architecture from the 11th Century, making it one of the oldest churches in Portugal of this style.  It is one of the few churches in Portugal that possesses a double-aisled nave: the main nave (or the Gospel side of the church) leads to the main chancel connected to the sacristy and the aisle on the Epistle Side is smaller in size.
Evidence of Romanesque architecture is concentrated on the main facade, finished off by a truncated gable and flanked by four Baroque pinnacles.  The main doorway from the 13th century is formed by three semi circular archivolts that rest upon pilasters (which are an indication of elements used closer to the Gothic period.)The belfry is isolated and located apart from the main facade which can be accessed by a transversal stairway.
In the interior, the roof is polychrome wood with a Neoclassic mural decoration.  The 2 aisles are connected by two Classicistic side semicircular arches covered, as the rest of the church, in tile.  The choir is located above the main doorway which is accessed by a winding staircase next to the door.  All of the decoration on the interior is Neoclassic and there are six altarpieces that are located in the main chapel.



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